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As a trusted source of wellness reviews, we will be taking an in-depth glance at Trim Down Club, the wellness program geared toward weight loss and maintenance. The first thing you will notice about this plan is its affordable pricing. The first month is just $1.99, and following months are only $9.90. This means that for less than the cost of a movie or date each month, you can join Trim Down Club. Even better, Trim Down Club has a money-back guarantee for 60 days. If you don’t experience weight loss, you get your money back.

The commitment to weight loss and pricing are strong points in favor of Trim Down Club, but there is still more to learn about the program.

What Trim Down Club Is

Registered dieticians created Trim Down Club to be a complete wellness and health program that lets you lose weight and maintain that loss. There is no carb counting or diet foods; instead, you create a personalized menu. This allows dieters to meet their specific dietary needs and ensures you get enough of your favorite foods to avoid cravings. Members also receive support 24/7 from registered dieticians and the online community. Today you can find many Trim Down Club reviews on the internet – these words just summarize the information, which is based, among other things, on these reviews.

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How Trim Down Club Stands Out

With so many diets around, Trim Down Club manages to stand out with its affordable pricing and the personalized weight loss approach. Looking at pricing, remember that Weight Watchers and other mainstream diets typically cost at least $50 a month or over $100 with the extra services. This is without a guarantee of success. By contrast, Trim Down Club’s pricing makes it incredibly accessible and has that money-back guarantee.
The other major difference between Trim Down Club and other programs is the flexibility. You get to eat what you want without counting carbs, fat, or calories. Thanks to this versatility, there are over a million members around the world plus more than 250,000 followers on social media.

Why The Program Is So Special

Perhaps the most special thing about the program is your ability to lose weight while enjoying your favorite foods. Instead, members learn about five foods that negatively impact weight loss.

  • Whole-wheat bread
  • Concentrated fruit juice such as orange juice
  • Margarine (which is more like melting plastic on food)
  • Processed soy
  • Processed meats, including sausage, bacon, and lunch meat

With the Trim Down Club, members get the skills to avoid companies sabotaging their weight loss. Those companies want to sell you weight loss programs, so they want you to face obstacles. That is why so many weight-loss programs will include these items in their diet meals or tell you the foods are excellent. When it comes down to it, however, avoiding those five foods helps with adiponectin, the fat-burning protein essential for weight loss. Heavier people have less adiponectin, making weight loss more challenging. Eliminating the processed foods helps increase your adiponectin, improving your fat-burning abilities.

75 Pounds Down and No Looking Back

Among the numerous success stories regarding Trim Down Club, that of Dr. Karen Shackelford stands out. The principles helped her lose 75 pounds and keep it off for 12 years (and counting). For Shackelford, the science of the program helped her understand it and discover her thinner self without starvation.

Shackelford had experienced numerous setbacks before Trim Down Club but was inspired by her significantly thinner colleague’s breakfast, which was real food instead of diet bars and shakes. Shackelford started eating what her colleague did and didn’t give up. She lost five pounds in just that first week and continued to keep up with healthy habits and weight loss followed by maintaining that healthy weight.

Why Carb Counting Isn’t Necessary

Trim Down Club recognizes that carbs aren’t exclusively evil and that we need some to function. Any diet that counts carbs is destined for failure. Instead, enjoy carbs but balance them with protein, as this maintains stable blood glucose levels. That way, your body won’t store fat.

Remember that when blood glucose levels are too low or high, your body becomes imbalanced and will store fat. This increase in weight decreases adiponectin production, further hurting weight loss efforts. With Trim Down Club, members get advice to maintain the ideal adiponectin levels. That way, you can enjoy your favorite foods while losing weight with some help from adiponectin.

No Starvation Needed

According to some Trim Down Club reviews of members, deprivation isn’t necessary to curb cravings; you just have to eat right. The program shows you how to maintain stable blood glucose levels. This prevents your body from believing it is starving and entering fat-storing mode. Healthy snacks are fine since they stabilize your blood glucose to avoid starvation mode and ensure fat-burning. Essentially, Trim Down Club lets you eat more than before while losing weight.

Understanding the Science

The Menu Planner on the program will break down all your favorite foods into an ideal balance of fats, proteins, and carbs, promoting long-term weight loss. The menu-building application essentially gets a nutritionist on your side.  

No Diet Foods Needed

Gone are the overly processed foods that hurt your weight loss efforts. Instead, the meal planning tool lets you eat your favorites from a personalized menu. There are also hundreds of delicious recipes on the Menu Planner for inspiration.

It Isn’t Difficult

Trim Down Club isn’t hard to follow, as you begin by learning how to swap out foods that encourage fat storage for those that burn it with nutrition and health professionals guiding you. The personalized menus help you plan fruits, vegetables, carbs, proteins, fats, and more. There is almost no work necessary, as the professionals help you. Just follow the instructions, and you will naturally lose weight.

Trim Down Club is designed to help those who are busy as well. You can find many fast meals or snacks, so you always get healthy, delicious foods even if you are short on time. This makes it perfect for those with small children or hectic work lives.

Beginning the Program

As soon as you join Trim Down Club, you receive instant, full access to their fat-burning forum with community support. Check out the Quick Start Guide to understand the science. It will teach you about proper nutrition while providing advice to create tasty meals that burn fat. Some favorites include homemade ketchup and chicken parmesan.

To provide an even better value, Trim Down Club gives members four gifts upon signup. These include Express Meals for 14 days, a food shopping guide, the Trim Down Club Cookbook, and the Perfect Soup Cookbook. All freebies have excellent feedback.

Easy-To-Follow Eight-Week Plan

Making it even more comfortable, the Trim Down Club includes an eight-week plan where everything is divided into simple steps. The chief nutritionist, Ossie Sharon, has put plenty of effort into the program, and you will get to know her right away. Her five-minute video will provide the needed motivation and clarify the expectations.

The Progress Meter tool lets you weigh in and delivers your first menu, which is filled with foods you enjoy. You can also get support from the community. Every week, you get new goals as you progress. The program evolves with you, including features like exercise videos and cooking courses. You can contact us and add your Trim Down Club reviews according to your experience!

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