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NutriSystem is a diet program where members eat as many as six meals a day, each of which is nutrition-packed and portion-controlled. They design each meal to combine nutrients, protein, fats, carbs, and calories in the ideal mix. All meals are delivered to the home of dieters for added convenience. NutriSystem subscribes to the idea that it is easier to lose weight with six small meals instead of three big ones each day.

Their Claims

According to NutriSystem, dieters will lose up to seven inches in their waist and 13 pounds within just the first month. Their own study found that the average dieter lost 11.6 pounds and eight inches, so keep the words “up to” in mind. NutriSystem is upfront that the results vary for each user and whether they stick to their meals. If you do, the average calorie count is 1,250 calories daily, which is a figure which should result in weight loss.

At the moment, their big promotion is “Lean 13.” This is the program new dieters start with, as it kick-starts weight loss. It is called “Turbo Takeoff” as well. Every meal in the main program and “Lean 13” was designed by nutritionists and dieticians to include plenty of lean protein and fiber. The only carbs are low-glycemic and will stabilize your blood sugar. Nearly all of the pre-packaged foods contain zero artificial sweeteners, flavors, or preservatives.

The Plans and Foods

To provide six meals each day, NutriSystem includes breakfast, a morning snack, lunch, an afternoon snack, dinner, and a dessert. The snacks can be pre-packed NutriSystem foods or fruit. All meals are prepared by NutriSystem, making it good for busy people. There are also choices for vegetarians and diabetics. To supplement the diet, NutriSystem encourages a half hour or more of daily exercise.

The average NutriSystem user pays $280 monthly, but it depends on the plan. For $9.82 daily, the Basic Plan chooses your foods. For $10.54 daily, the Core Plan lets you select from over a hundred foods. For $11.96 daily, Uniquely Yours lets you choose from the over 150 frozen meals or foods. The results are always guaranteed, but be prepared to follow slightly picky steps to get a refund.

Success stories in the program's website

According to WebMD, typical NutriSystem meals are a quarter proteins, a quarter good fats, and half smart carbohydrates that won’t raise blood sugar. Sodium stays within official recommendations – about 2,000 milligrams daily.

There is no doubt that the meals are low calorie and balanced, but some reviews say they can be tasteless. Certain items may also be thick or tough. Others complain that the division of macros means too many carbs and not enough protein or healthy fat. Despite these complaints from some dieters, others love the food. Everyone agrees that NutriSystem is incredibly convenient, especially for those who are busy. You should, however, be ready to supplement it with fruit and additional healthy items.

Conclusion: Is It Worth It?

If you are willing to eat every meal at home and have enough money to spend, it is worth giving NutriSystem a try. You should probably skip it if you will still have to prepare meals for others. Remember that while you will almost definitely lose weight on NutriSystem, you will likely gain some back later unless you prepare similar meals after stopping NutriSystem.

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