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Trim Down Club Reviews

Score: 9.1 | As a trusted source of wellness reviews, we will be taking an in-depth glance at Trim Down Club, the wellness program geared toward weight loss and maintenance. The first thing you will notice about this plan is its affordable pricing. The first month is just $1.99, and following months are only $9.90. This means that for less than the cost of a movie or date each month, you can join Trim Down Club.

NutriSystem Reviews

Score: 7.7 | NutriSystem is a diet program where members eat as many as six meals a day, each of which is nutrition-packed and portion-controlled. They design each meal to combine nutrients, protein, fats, carbs, and calories in the ideal mix. All meals are delivered to the home of dieters for added convenience. NutriSystem subscribes to the idea that it is easier to lose weight with six small meals instead of three big ones each day.

Weight Watchers Reviews

Score: 8.2 | Easily one of the best-known programs for weight loss around the world, Weight Watchers is a household name that combines in-person services with online ones. Members get progress-tracking tools along with activity trackers and meal planning tools. Anyone who has used this program will let you know that it definitely produces results. There is a downside, however. Unless you take the habits you learned from the program to heart, once you stop Weight Watchers, you will probably gain weight and then have to go back on the diet, repeating the cycle.

Jenny Craig Reviews

Score: 6.2 | Some people are surprised to learn that Jenny Craig isn’t named after a particular person. It is the result of a collaboration between couple Sidney Craig and Genevieve Guidroz Bourcq. The two created a quick yet solid bond over their interest in the weight-loss industry. They moved to Melbourne, Australia, in 1979 and began Jenny Craig while they were there.